Junior Partner

Alicia P. Pérez-Caballero

Ms. Pérez-Caballero has 10 years of experience representing a wide range of clients before state and federal courts, and in administrative proceedings. Her practice encompasses the litigation of complex contractual claims, insurance coverage disputes, construction claims, bid protests, defamation suits, and foreclosure proceedings. In that capacity, Ms. Pérez-Caballero has favorably settled multi-million-dollar disputes and garnered ample experience in state appellate practice. She also advises clients on contract negotiations, compliance matters involving public contracts, and the laws and regulations applicable to the power generation industry. 

In an appellate case, Ms. Pérez-Caballero moved the Court to uphold the dismissal of the defamation complaint that a lobbyist accused of domestic violence filed against her clients, a newspaper and one of its journalists, who had reported the matter. To that end, Ms. Pérez-Caballero effectively argued that the lobbyist was a public figure and that the article in question was not published with actual malice, but rather, was protected under the fair and accurate reporting doctrine. See Domenech Fernández v. Serrano, KLAN202100156 (TA 2018).

In 2 other appellate cases where she represented the defendant insurance carrier, Ms. Pérez-Caballero successfully blocked the discovery of information regarding her client’s underwriting practices, reinsurance, and reserves, by arguing that it was irrelevant to the allegations raised in the complaint. See ELA v. MAPFRE, KLCE202300186 (TA 2023); Consejo de Titulares v. MAPFRE, KLCE202100639 (TA 2021).

In another appellate case, Ms. Pérez-Caballero obtained judgment in favor of her clients, a sea transport company and its insurer, who had been sued by a circus operator over the destruction of a trailer whilst it was unloaded at port. In so doing, Ms. Pérez-Caballero convinced the Court that the operator had transferred all rights related to the lost property to a third party, and thus did not have a valid cause of action regarding that property. See Suárez Villaseñor v. Ayala Colón, KLAN201701384 (TA 2017).

Ms. Pérez-Caballero is also well-versed in settlement negotiations. In a case that involved the alleged breach of a construction contract and included a claim for field and home office overhead and construction taxes, she was able to obtain a multimillion settlement in favor of the construction company she represented. See Caribe General Constructors, Inc. v. The Hanover Insurance Company, 16-2759 (PAD) (D.P.R. 2018).

Ms. Pérez-Caballero is a Junior Partner at SCVR. She joined the firm in 2017, after working at a full-service law firm where she represented financial institutions in lending transactions and worked extensively on matters related to the telecommunications industry. Previously, she worked for the Extraordinary Remedies and Public Policy Division of the Puerto Rico Department of Justice, representing government agencies in injunction hearings regarding the constitutionality of state laws, medical insurance regulations and antitrust laws and regulations.

  • University of Puerto Rico School of Law (J.D., cum laude)
  • University of Puerto Rico at Río Piedras (B.A., Comparative Literature and French, magna cum laude)
  • Puerto Rico
  • Puerto Rico Notary Public
  • United States District Court for the District of Puerto Rico
  • Federal Bar Association
  • ELA v. MAPFRE, KLCE202300186 (TA 2023)
  • Consejo de Titulares v. MAPFRE, KLCE202100639 (TA 2021)
  • Domenech Fernández v. Serrano, KLAN202100156 (TA 2018)
  • Suárez Villaseñor v. Ayala Colón, KLAN201701384 (TA 2017)
  • Toledo García v. Doral Bank Sust/Roosevelt REO PR. Corp, KLAN201600489 (TA 2016)
  • Pagán v. Martínez Ortiz, ISCI201401353 (TPI 2014)
  • Consejo de Titulares v. ACE Insurance Company, KCD20141936 (TPI 2014)