Paola J. Figueroa-Alemañy

Ms. Figueroa-Alemañy is a defense attorney with over 7 years of experience whose practice is focused on complex commercial and civil litigation, insurance coverage disputes and bad faith litigation, contractual and torts claims, and negotiating commercial contracts. Ms. Figueroa-Alemañy is also experienced in trial and appeals procedures before the local courts and has represented clients in administrative proceedings before Puerto Rico’s Insurance Commissioner’s Office of Puerto Rico and Department of Consumer Affairs. 

As part of Ms. Figueroa-Alemañy’s insurance coverage practice, she has obtained the dismissal of numerous claims filed against her insurer clients by demonstrating that the allegations in question did not trigger coverage under the applicable policies or convincing the Court of the applicability of an exclusion. See e.g., Amador v. Sunbay Marina Villas, FA2020CV00030 (TPI 2023); Fernández v. Castillo, FA2021CV00710 (TPI 2021); De Jesús Morales v. Blanco, SJ2020CV03706 (TPI 2021); Irizarry v. Consejo de Titulares del Condominio Alborada, PO2020CV1083 (TPI 2021); Savelli v. Condominio la Arboleda, GB2018CV00152 (TPI 2021); and Cantres v. Consejo de Titulares del Condominio Villas del Gigante, CA2021CV00347 (TPI 2021). 

Ms. Figueroa-Alemañy has also participated in settlement negotiations in many complex personal injury cases and coverage disputes, several of which entailed multimillion-dollar exposure for her insurer clients, resulting in favorable terms for the insurers. See e.g., Cáez v. Liberty, CA2021CV00315 (TPI 2023), Rosario Cosme v. VMF Marina Properties, FA2020CV00708 (TPI 2023), Superintendencia del Capitolio v. MAPFRE, SJ2019CV09206 (TPI 2023), Municipio Autónomo de Aguadilla v. MAPFRE, AG2019CV01233 (TPI 2022), and Rivera v. Empresas Rivera Siaca, BY2020CV01930 (TPI 2022).

Additionally, in cases before the local Appellate Court, Ms. Figueroa-Alemañy has successfully argued that the lower Court’s judgment in favor of the insured in an insurance coverage dispute was unsubstantiated, resulting in the dismissal of the complaint filed against her insurer client. See Díaz Acevedo v. Chubb, KLAN202300065 (TA 2023) and Daviú Ledesma v. MAPFRE, KLAN202300144 (TA 2023).

Ms. Figueroa-Alemañy is an Associate at SCVR. She joined the firm in 2020, after working at a boutique law firm that specialized in general civil litigation, contractual disputes, insurance law, corporate counseling, appellate and administrative procedures, and estate planning.

  • Inter American University of Puerto Rico School of Law (J.D.)
  • Syracuse University, Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs (B.S., International Relations; Minor, Political Science)
  • Puerto Rico
  • Puerto Rico Notary Public
  • Daviú Ledesma v. MAPFRE, KLAN202300144 (TA 2023)
  • Municipio Autónomo de Aguadilla v. MAPFRE, AG2019CV01233 (TPI 2022) 
  • 800 Ponce de León Corp. v. AIG, 205 D.P.R. 163 (2020)